CD*NY Playford Ball Music 2020

Music for all the dances of the 2020 CD*NY Playford Ball

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This is the 28th annual home recording made to help dancers prepare for the ball, continuing a venerable tradition established by the late Wayne Batcheler, long-time supporter of CD*NY. Longways dances are recorded 3 times through (4 times for triple minor dances), while the set dances are recorded as many times as needed to dance them completely. 

This year’s Ball marks a turning point for our dance community: The relocation to Delaware of longtime Ball registrars Ellie Hansen and Bob Erenburg. We honor them with this CD and we salute their many contributions to CD*NY over decades of dancing.

–Paul Ross, February 2020


Apley House

Beautious Grove

Braes of Dornoch

Elephants Stairs


The Homecoming

Jacob Hall’s Jig

The Leap of Faith

Measured Obsession

Mike’s Health


Muriel’s Measure

Never Love Thee More

Rich Delights

Sally in Our Alley

Scotch Cap

Siege of Limerick

Sir Watkin’s Jigg

Ties of Love

Trip to Kilburn

Wooing Mairi

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